Whoever Invented “Family Vacation” Obviously Never Had Kids.

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5 reasons you need a vacation after a family trip

by Kate Lavut

  1. blogpost1You will realize your kids don’t like you. My two year old spent the week screaming “Mama Mama” and every time I would try to scoop her up
    and kiss away her tears, she would push me away, and run to her dad. She was calling him “Mama”. My nickname was “Not You”.
  2. You will never get that romantic evening once the kids are in bed. First of all, the kids are never in bed! And secondly, if you all share a hotel room,when they do finally go to sleep, it’s in your bed.
  3. You will be surrounded by other people having fun. I know you think “This time it will be different. This time I will be able to relax and read on the beach” but, as you sprint down the sand, trying to catch your child you realize, it will never be different.
  4. You can’t get your money’s worth of free booze at an all-inclusive. When you finally get to the bar and order a much deserved Pina Colada, your kid runs by and A: Spills it all over your lap, or, B: glups it down claiming they thought it was fruit punch.
  5. You will realize This Is Your Life. When you get home, desperate for a vacation after your family trip, please clip this article and keep it close, so next time you get a crazy notion of spending “quality” time with your family for any extended period of time, you will think twice (or at least once!)

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